The First Baptist Church of West City, Illinois

Daily Bible Verse

There will appear a Daily Bible Scripture or Psalms on the right side of this page. This scripture will be updated automatically when the time or the date changes. I am in the process of putting these scriptures together and starting with the TEN COMMANDMENTS, will update the Website as I complete each one. A short COMMENTARY about the scripture will be placed in the iframe box above and will remain there as long as the related SCRIPTURE is on display.

If the scripture has more than one verse, a different section of it will open up every hour until it is completed.

If you have a scripture you would like to see posted on our website you can either give it to the Pastor or to me and I will take care of it.

If you are on the Page when the time changes, switch to another page and then switch back. The new message will be there when the page re-opens.-- BUD.

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