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From Soldier to Trucker to Singing the Gospel

By Lester White

I gave my life to Jesus at the tender age of 9. However, like many, by the age of 12 -- I started walking down the wrong path. In 1969 I left for a 2 year tour in South Viet Nam. I continued farther down the wrong path, drinking heavily and for the next 20 Years I lived only for the worldly thrill of the moment.

On August 1, 1989, I was stopped dead in my tracks. I was driving an 18 wheeler across the country for a living. While unloading some 11,000 pound coils of electrical wire, one coil moved to soon and crushed me beneath two spools. Suddenly I found myself in a wheel chair, where I would spend the next eighteen months of my life. As if things couldn't get any worse, the doctors told me I would never walk again.

For the first time since I was 9 years old, the Lord had my attention. I went to church and began to ask the Lord for help. Through much prayer, the Holy Spirit touched my life...and in two weeks I began to walk. Praise the Lord!

I made a new commitment of my life to the lord. The old worldly friends and worldly habits were no longer part of my life. "The Old Man Was Gone"!

Although my wife and I were living for the Lord, in 1992 a new challenge entered out lives __ my wife was diagnosed with cancer. She went to be with the Lord in 2002.

After this time the Lord ministered to me and prepared me for the ministry I have today. A ministry through music to bring hope to the hopeless and the good news that we serve an AWESOME GOD !! As if things couldn't get better, in 2005, the Lord brought the wife of my dreams into my life. We truly do serve a good God.

We are a love and faith based ministry. The goal of Lester White Ministries is to share, through song and testimony, how God can take a life broken -- physically and spiritually -- and mend it through the power of Jesus Christ..

Lester White Ministries

Benton, Illinois

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