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Thoughts For New Christians

One of the books that I was given (by my wife Linda ) upon joining a Southern Baptist Church was entitled "Survival Kit for New Christians, by Ralph W. Neighbour, jr. Although I was saved in January of 1980, took part in fellowship services and read the Bible completely through several times -- I did not feel that I had to join a church nor study scripture every day in order to be a Christian. For the most part I felt that as long as I was SAVED I could do the rest on my own. My attitude remained that way until I did take that step and joined a Church through BAPTISM. The book above addressed those issues and has taken me down a path of spiritual learning that will continue the rest of my life. Once started the Spirit of the Lord won't let you stop.

Every new Christian usually wants to share his salvation with friends, neighbors and anyone else who will listen -- this is a happy stage. you've become a part of the BODY OF CHRIST and have a church family. All further growth depends on your relationship with that BODY OF CHRIST and the BIBLE. First Corinthians 11:29-30 tells you that if you do not have a proper fellowship with Christ's Body, the result will be weakness, sickness, and death.

There are four other stages or phases that you will go through: -- The Fight Stage -- ; The Doubting Stage -- ; The Search For Truth Stage -- ; and the -- Silent Christian Stage. As you build a foundation for your new life, you will work through each of these phases by engaging in Bible Study, Outreach, Church Missions and other programs that your Pastor oversees at your chosen place of worship. The Pastor is the Church Leader, chosen by the congregation, to provide spiritual guidance and direct the activities of the Church on a daily basis. If you have questions that the people close to you can't answer --- that's the person you should go see.

I am not a Pastor, nor a teacher -- what I am is a fellow Christian who has been where you are now -- STILL LEARNING. The song -- HE'S STILL WORKING ON ME, by Joel Hemphill -- expresses this idea in the line which reads:

"Don't Judge me yet,

There's an unfinished part!

But I'll be perfect just according to HIS plan,

Fashioned by the Master's Lovin' Hand

Establish a quiet time for your study of the Bible and start with a Daily Prayer. A prayer doesn't have to be elaborate but should be a conversation between you and the Lord. Begin by praising GOD and thanking Him for giving you His life through Christ and share with HIM the special ways you need his power in your life. Close with -- These things I pray in the Name of JESUS -- AMEN.

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