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The group at the left are the pastors and church members who engage in a weekly prayer walk in the various communities within Franklin County. This activity starts at a different church with a prayer meeting, after which the group goes out into the area surrounding the church to witness to the people they meet. The object is to lead people to christ or church fellowship -- in most cases through a one-on-one encounter.

Have you ever noticed that in most articles and books the list of key words are placed near the very back? That's a good practice and makes for a quick reference -- if you take the time to use the resource.Sometimes, when we get done reading an article, we are no longer interested in the exact meaning of the terms used.

When it comes to a discussion on SALVATION I thought that knowing the definition of just a few of these key words could be a talking point.

A talking point that may result in your leading a lost person to Christ and eternal salvation.

Listed below are some key words concerning Salvation

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