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My nickname is BUD. I play the guitar and sing country and southern style gospel music and use this gift to minister to the residents of Nursing Homes and people who are homebound.

The comments in this Outreach article are based on that experience, the bible and related reference material necessary to help me gain the insight I need to lead others to Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Outreach is the responsibility of each and every member of a new testament church.

A little dog, such as DOLLY, in the picture on the left, is an effective outreach tool used in nursing homes. Dolly has made numerious trips to the West Side Nursing Home in West Frankfort, Illinois and to the Helia Nursing Home in Benton, Illinois. The residents of these facilities have in most cases not only lost their homes and familiar surroundings, but their pets as well. There are some people who have a special ministry where they make regular visits to a nursing home and take their pets to all the rooms and recreation areas. Joy is what they bring!

As stated in the "What We Believe" page of this website, it is the duty and privilege, of every follower of Jesus Christ to endeavor to make disciples of all nations and constantly seek to present The Message of Salvation -- by reaching out with:

  • Verbal Witness
  • Missions
  • Nursing Home Mininsty
  • In house Visits to the Homebound
  • W.O.M. Ministry
  • Youth Activities
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Sunday School
  • Teaching
  • Music
  • Prayer

Anybody -- who has a talent, however big or small, should use it to the best of their ability to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be presented with the information they need to make a decision about -- accepting -- the gift of salvation, that the death of Jesus made available for all.

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