The First Baptist Church of West City, Illinois

My Salvation Story, 2004 -- by Sharon Hall

This Little Church

This Little Church is a blessing to me.
Guiding my soul and keeping me free
From the fear of yet a second death
Filling my soul fully with my every breath
A kind loving pastor and his wife
Have added much happiness to my life
A kind loving congregation have accepted me well
Over these past four years here great fellowship dwelt
No more looking for GOD, I've ended my search
I've found all of this in This Little Church.

As a child, I was sent to church every Sunday or neighbors or friends gave me, my younger sister and older brother a ride. Though money was not plentiful my mother saw to it that we took offering every Sunday whether it be a quarter, a dime or five pennies.

I went to the altar several times, but I can't say now that I was saved then because my church going waned at about 15 years of age and I was never baptized as a youth.

I did not raise my own children in church although they went from time to time. I regret that I didn't raise my children in church. The Lord spoke to me often during my life, but I only made half-hearted attempts to try to get started back to church and give my heart and soul to HIM, even through the loss of my second child.

GOD had been very patient with me for 56 years. I finally heard him loud and clear in October (the 15th to be exact), 1999 at the Billy Graham Crusade at the TWA Dome in St. Louis and was saved that very night. It was a very emotional event, and after it was over I felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders.

When I began my search for a church, the lady who was my representative at the Crusade had the first name of Barbara. The friend who took me to the Crusade had the first name of Barbara. (Although we had been out of touch for some time) When I asked the Lord to help me find a church, HE gave the name "Barbara!!!??? and said she would help me. I figured HE meant my representative at the Crusade or my friend who took me to the Crusade, but didn't get any response from HIM.

When I said, "You mean Barb Saurhage, Lord??" -- all kinds of "good idea" lights went off before my eyes. A few days later, I saw Barb and Vic in Wal-Mart and told them of my search.

I knew they had previously attended North Benton Baptist, but she told me that the past October they had started attending West City First Baptist and would pick me up the next Sunday at 9:15 for Church. So that's how I got started here at this little church.

On December 26, 1999, I was baptized and became a member here. I've enjoyed attending church here ever since.

Everyone here is nice to me and I am happy to belong to such a loving church family. I love you all, too. Congratulations to this church on its 120 year anniversary. May GOD always Bless this church and give it many more years to come.


You can update this story as we will celebrate our 129th anniversary on Sunday April 25, 2013, and I am still here. Keep looking up.

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