The First Baptist Church of West City, Illinois

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Women On Missions

The W.O.M. Ministry is currently inactive. When there is a change I will update this page. Bud.

THANK YOU -- from all the members of the W.O.M.!

The W.O.M. is an organization of Women from the church who meet every third Monday to pursue outreach missions for the community.

Our Missions

  • St. Judes
  • Benton Food Pantry
  • Carmi Childrens Home
  • Angel Cove
  • Outreach to individuals who are shut in their homes.
  • Love Packages.

    This program consists of helping all members of the church gather used bibles and religious material. After these materials are gathered, W.O.M. members who desire to do so, go to the distribution point in Butler, Illinois to help pack the collected items and prepare them for shipment overseas to countries where this material is hard to get.

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